Unicorn toys

What children doesn’t want a unicorn toy? If there is something that funs and dazzle both children and adults, are delicate and beautiful toys.

Imagine having in your room true unicorns with which you can play whenever you want. From making them parade on the floor of your room to even make a team with your heroines. How many hours can you enjoy playing with your family of unicorns? On the back of your unicorn you can live as many adventures as your imagination is capable of dreaming. And there is nothing so comforting as opening your eyes in the mornings and see that your unicorns have been watching over your dream and that they always are ready to ride fantasy worlds full of wolves, pirates, princesses and giants.

Why buy unicorn toys?

An old legend tells that hundreds of years ago in a remote land lived a young princess who was well known throughout the kingdom for her kindness and beauty. What the princess liked the most was to run and jump through the green fields that surrounded the amazing castle where her family lived happily. There was only one thing that the princess was forbidden: to not enter the gloomy forest that began where the kingdom of her parents ended. But the little princess was very curious, and one day when the afternoon was falling, she took advantage of an oversight of her governess and went into the dark forest. It was not long before he regretted neglecting his parents orders and in the depths of the forest, knotty trees and the howling of birds were frightening.

The scared princess sat on the edge of a lake crying desperately. Noticed by her weeping a curious little animal approached her, identical to a luminous white horse with silver mane from whose forehead was born a long and brilliant spiral horn with more purity than the ivory and more shining than gold. It was the unicorn who guided the princess back to her castle safe and well. In gratitude, the kings would turn it into the symbol of the kingdom, and they gave to all his visitors a small replica of the elusive animal in the form of an amulet. It is said that since then, unicorns represent prosperity and protection and that those who have one of these amulets will always have luck in their lifes.

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Adventures like this are those who await you with your unicorn toys. Do not forget to name them; remember that each one is special and has its own personality. And the best thing of all is that you can always take your unicorn toys wherever you go. Sometimes a visit or a long car trip can be really boring, but they does not seem like such a bad idea if you do it in the company of your best friend. And remember when you go to the country… do not forget how much they like to graze on the fresh grass, enjoy the sun and run to infinity!