Unicorn slippers

Normally you would wear any slippers but wouldn’t be much cooler to put on unicorn slippers? Going home is always a moment of happiness for everyone. Whether it’s after school or some extracurricular activity, being home means resting, being safe and most important: playing! Imagine that it is raining outside and you return with your shoes wet or full of mud. What can you do?

If you get this magical animal waiting for you when you get home to keep your feet warm, the adventure can start as soon as you enter the door! In adition of the comfort of your usual slippers, the unicorn slippers can assure that all the magic of this fantastic animal will accompany you wherever you go.

Why buy unicorn slippers?

Some people say that unicorns are capable of anything, even of making wishes. Just thinking about it, all his magical powers can fill the room. It’s well known wherever the shape of an unicorn is, all the power of this fantastic animal goes with it. Why not having it also in your feet? There is nothing that an unicorn likes more than the traquility of home; he will love to go with you everywhere! These slippers are much more fun than any others because they are full of colors, because they are comfortable and soft like a real unicorn and because who knows the adventures that await you if you let their magic horn guide you.

If you know that these slippers are waiting for you, you will not want to do anything but go home to live thousand adventures. The reason of choosing these slippers doesn’t matter because their long rainbow mane is the most beautiful you will see in all day, because you will want to hug their fluffy fur, or because puting your feet inside these slippers will be like riding on the back of a real unicorn! There are even some with colors and sounds!

Some slippers have the shape of the legs of this secret animal, others are soft like its snout or if you prefer you can even choose someone that has a long golden horn full of its beautiful magic. It doesn’t matter what design of these slippers you want; whatever it is, if they are unicorn slippers this mythological being will always be willing to go with you and protect you in all your adventures.