Unicorn masks

If you are going to attend to a costume party and you want to wear something truly awesome, do not miss these unicorn masks. Its appearance is usually quite fierce and will serve to give a few scares to the audience.

Besides, if you do not want complications with expensive costumes, with these masks you have a very practical accessory to put on and take off whenever you want. And the best of all is that no one will know who you are!

Take the opportunity to surprise your friends, and bring the most original and wild look to that costume party. These masks are the best way to give a good scare on Halloween!

– Why buy unicorn masks?

Unicorns are often seen in children stories as benevolent creatures with magical powers. They accompany the forces of good against evil, but the truth is that these unicorn masks are so realistic and ferocious that they are well worth to shock your friends at a costume party. They put a touch of humour to any situation and are so funny that you want wear them as soon as the possibility arises. They are very popular on halloween and can be combined with any outfit. The shocking effect is guaranteed!

Besides, they are very comfortable to use since you can see well through the nostrils and eyes of the unicorn mask. Do not think twice: if you have been invited to a costume party and you want to cause some scares, put on one of these masks and go to have fun. Or maybe you just want to give a scare to a friend that he will not easily forget. Wait in silence with one of these masks on, in a dark place, and watch his panic reaction. You will have a great time with your mask!

It is very common to see the image of a man wearing a suit with a horse mask. The contrast is so grotesque that whoever sees it cannot stop looking. And this is the same with the unicorn; the same thing happens, or even more accentuated because the horn on his forehead is added. However, in some cases these masks have a funny gesture, so they are valid for any costume party. At that point you are the one who decides the nuance you want to give to your costume. What is obvious is that the face of the unicorn with its big eyes and mouth, adapts perfectly to any themed party of terror, and without a doubt it will make you not go unnoticed.