Unicorn costumes

Carnival is coming. One of the funniest times of the year and a unicorn costume is the right choice to wear.

It’s the perfect moment to surprise  all your friends with an incredible costume and you cannot decide of any of them, why not try  one of this lovely unicorn “outfits”? This endearing animal is usually the companion of  princesses in distress, helping them in all kind of adventures. With its horn on the forehead  and its cheerful colors, it’s an original costume that will delight everyone.

Also, by putting it you will receive its magical powers and you will feel like a true fantastic tale heroine. So do not miss these unicorn costumes and choose the one you like the most!

Why buy unicorn costumes?

The unicorn is without a doubt one of the most mysterious mythological beings that ever existed.
At its side, the princesses go trough all kind of adventures and fight against fearsome
witches and monsters. They say that their horn has magical powers and that the unicorns have as
their goal to defend the beautiful princesses. They tend to be part of their entourage and help
them to overcome all kind of problems and dangers. Now that you are going to choose your costume,
check out these unicorn costumes and live an unforgettable carnival.

Unicorn costumes usually represent the entire body of the animal, so it looks like you are
mounted on it! The effect is very realistic! On the back of this magical being and with an
adorable dress you will be like the princesses of your favorite tells. Also we have simple ones,
with the horn of the unicorn and princesses outfit. The result is fun in any way; any option is
great for you to become the queen of the costume party. Imagine the incredible photos of that
party the next day!

In conclusion: with these unicorn costumes you will not miss anything to feel like a real
princess and have a great time with your friends. Together you can go to all kind of adventures
and let your imagination fly. They are worth as much for a birthday party as for going out in
carnival. Besides, you will look great in every moment, leaving everyone with their mouths wide
open. You just need to choose your favorite model and go out to have fun like never before with
a costume that has been made for a princess like you.

If you were wondering where to buy a unicorn costume, this is the best place! We have a huge shop dedicated just to them. We hope you find what you came looking for.