Unicorn bottles

Trust me when I tell you that with a unicorn bottle you’ll want to drink water all day. They are so cute!

There is no doubt that the snack is the coolest time of the day. You can rest from the homework, from the hours you are in school and from all the extracurricular activities while you have a good time. It’s the time to live adventures and can you think of a better mate for this than a beautiful unicorn? It’s very important to eat well during games to be able to hold on with energy, but there are ways and means of doing it.

You can drink water in a random bottle or you can do it in a bottle that has all the colors and magic of an unicorn.

Why buy unicorn bottles?

The oldest legends tell us about unicorns, fantastic beings shaped like a horse and an an awesome spiral horn on their foreheads. These creatures are born with a powerful protection magic and their kind nature leads them to be always ready to help any adventurer in distress. Because of this, there is no better companion for you than a magical unicorn, either at lunch or at any other time.

A good time to be with this fantastic animal is when you have to take a break to drink. Whether it’s water, juice, or any other drink, if the bottle where it’s in is a bottle of unicorns, its protective magic will defend you so you can emerge triumphant from any of your adventures. And why not turn your games into something much more original and magical with these bottles decorated with unicorns? They love to accompany the princesses in their travels around the world that are always in danger because of the evil witches and monsters. Well, now you can be the protagonist of the most wonderful fantasy stories and feel in action as your favorite heroines.

Different unicorn water bottles to choose between in our shop

Pink, blue, violet, big, small, with glitter, adorned with a mane of rainbow full of colors, in a silver field… There are bottles of unicorn available in tons of shapes and colors that will transport you to the secret world of these adorable little animals. Some of these models have written a funny phrase, there are some in plastic or metal, and there are even with a cap so you do not have to worry about dropping your drink. No matter what type of bottle you choose, it will always be the most original and cool way to drink your drinks. At any time; in the breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner, you just have to make sure that what you drink is inside a bottle of unicorn.

In this way your are making sure that you are accompanied by the powerful magic of this fantastic animal and you can enjoy with calm your games.

And as you probably know: when a unicorn protects you, there is nothing to fear!