Unicorn backpacks

Trust me, a unicorn backpack can improve your mornings. We all know that sometimes we are too lazy to prepare for going to school. You have to get out of bed, brush your teeth, prepare your backpack… But wait a moment. What would happen if your backpack were the coolest of all with its authentic unicorn design?

The unicorn backpacks are so beautiful that they make you want to wear them at all times. Nothing protects your books and notebooks as well as the magic of the unicorns and nothing will make you smile as much as imagine your precious little friend accompanying you wherever you go. It may seem weird but we would even say that the heavy load of the backpacks is a lesser pain when you have the help of this mythological creature in your back.

Is it because of the magic of its horn or because of the illusion that makes you carry your unicorn backpack everywhere?


Why buy a unicorn backpack?

Think in all the hours of the day that you spend between school and extracurricular activities. And that’s not all, because you have to go everywhere with your backpack in your back. That is why it is so important to have a beautiful backpack that makes you feel good when you leave it in your class or take it to the park keeping your snacks inside it. That is why there is nothing better than a beautiful backpack of unicorns which everything you keep inside it will seem like a wonderful treasure full of sapphires, diamonds and rubies. Or even a relic of gold taken from an evile witch!

Also when you go out to play you do not like to carry a lot of weight but there are some things that always need to carry with you. Pockets do not seem like a great option and the truth is that those sports backpacks are pretty boring. Now, visualize yourself wearing the coolest backpack you can imagine, a backpack as pretty as an unicorn running free through green meadows full of flowers. It makes you want to turn off the TV and go out into the street just to be able to use your unicorns backpack and the best of all, you will like it so much that you wont never forget it anywhere. Your unicorn backpack is unique and unmistakable!

You can choose between different backpacks with unicorns on them in our shop

There are unicorn backpacks for every moment. From those that have a multitude of unicorns galloping through their print, to the ones that represent a single and true unicorn with its soft snout, rainbow hair, jet black eyes and its unmistakable spiral horn growing to infinity. You are the one in charge of letting your imagination fly and traveling to your castle to find your faithful unicorn. It will be overflowing with the joy of seeing you and being able to go jogging around the world. Don’t wait more and make yourself with your backpack of unicorns. Your things have never been so safe or stored in something so beautiful!